About Us

Finding the right audio specialist for the right project is the first step to making a premium product. Podcast Talent provides a platform for clients to find and connect with quality audio producers who suit their specialisms. 

In an ever-dynamic and expanding audio landscape, the opportunities for brands and business to create content that connects with passionate audiences are wide and exciting. With incredible technology in the hands of the many and talent spread far and wide, we thought it was about time we created a place for top podcast producers to showcase their specialisms to clients who want only the best person for the project.

Whether you need someone with their own kit, a working knowledge of mountain-climbing, a writer with a track record in making business jargon sound exciting or a grade A Swiss-army knife style self-starter who can take your project from concept to completion, this is where you can find and contact the producer for you.

We're a brand new project and are still building our browse and search functions on this site, which will make finding the perfect talent even easier. In the meantime, just drop us a line through our clients page with your requirements and we'll endeavour to connect you with a range of people to help make your project happen.


Here's to making beautiful things.


Good people + good things