I work primarily as an audio producer specialising in sports radio and podcasts, but I also produce digital content for a variety of different platforms and I am also an accredited broadcast journalist and an experienced audio and video editor. Although sports production is my background - rugby in particular - I am hugely interested in creating content which covers other topics, such as travel, music and history. I am also enthusiastic about opportunities that may allow me to transfer my production skills to different genres too, such as documentary or news features. I have experience working on programmes and podcast concepts from start to finish; from initial idea conception to research and recording, from script/copy writing to editing final published episodes. Having worked on productions alongside many commercial partners, I am also aware of the intricacies and unique challenges this brings and how to communicate effectively with all parties to ensure the best outcomes



queen of New Orleans 2005

won some prizes and things

did all sorts of stuff

lah de dah

Skills, skills, skills, skills