I am a confident and competent audio producer, presenter, host, reporter and storyteller. I pride myself on sourcing, researching, creating, crafting and editing audio that entertains, educates and inspires. I can book and interview guests of a high quality to create engaging audio suited to the specific client style and can edit on Star Track, Adobe Audition, Premier Pro and Imovie. I can write copy for websites, publications, magazines and features to accompany the podcast and I have a varied experience in BBC, commercial and independent audio creation.





Ad hoc Cover Assistant Producer for Pick of the Pops on Radio 2 (June 2019 – Present )  


I have begun training to be a cover assistant producer for the Saturday show, Paul Gambaccini’s Pick of the Pops on Radio 2. Tasks include editing on air content to be rebroadcast on a Thursday evening, genealogy and iBroadcast. 

Freelance Podcast Host, Producer and Editor for Let’s Go Kickass Today (April 2019- Present)     


I present a monthly podcast which I have organized myself and where I chat to inspirational people from the fields of music, adventure and culture. Combining my passions with my key skills of communication, storytelling, research, production and editing. 


Ad Hoc Cover Presenter for BBC Essex (March 2019- Present)    


I have been asked to cover ad hoc presenter shifts at BBC Essex, starting with BBC Essex Quest where I utilized my previous presenting skills in commercial radio and current reporter skills for BBC Essex, as well as highlighting my enthusiasm for adventure. 


Producer/Assistant Producer/Reporter for BBC Essex (October 2018 – Present)         


After working as a freelancer for BBC Essex for 6 months, I now on air produce the early breakfast show, work on the breakfast show as an on air assistant producer and act as a reporter for the mid-morning show, organizing guests and interviews, writing script cues, researching show content and potential stories, reporting on air as well as collecting vox pops from the public. 


Freelance TV Presenter and Producer for WinkBall (June 2017 – Present)     


I produce, report, interview and present for a variety of cultural events, activities and interests in London. Honing my researcher skills, I source events that Winkball would be interested in covering and contact relevant public relations to organise interviews and event coverage.


Freelance Podcast Host (November 2018- March 2018)    


I am a freelance podcast host for a property company called Kyero, which connects international buyers to properties in Spain. 


Freelance Radio Producer/Presenter for Women’s Radio Station (January 2018- January 2019)   


I produce and present my own radio show called “Solo Ventures with Vicky,” focusing on my passion for solo women travel. I showcase and support original unsigned music artists as well.


Traffic and Travel Broadcaster for INRIX Media (February 2017 – December 2018)


On a Saturday morning (7am-1pm) I am broadcasting live up to date traffic and travel information throughout the local areas I report for, adapting reports to each individual station varying in delivery and style.  

I regularly broadcast for Eagle Radio; KLFM, BBC Solent, BBC Essex, Talk London and Jack Oxford, which highlights an array of different station audiences and broadcasting manners.

Freelance Producer/Assistant Producer for BBC Essex (April 2018- October 2018)         


I assist producers with the running order of each show I am working on, organizing guests, writing cue scripts, editing audio, and researching songs. Since the end of May, I have begun to be hired as a freelance producer for the Tony Fisher Afternoon show. From August, I have begun to be hired as a freelance producer for BBC Introducing in Essex.


Freelance Assistant Producer for Love Sport Radio (April 2018- July 2018)        


I assist producers with tasks such as, researching stories for show content which is catered to the station demographic, and sourcing guests. 


Freelance Radio Presenter, Producer & Writer at Eagle3- UKRD. (August 2016- April 2018)   


I was a presenter and producer for a show every evening at 6-8pm during the week on RCS Zetta. 

It highlighted current and emerging, as well as local artists, which required a varied knowledge and interest of local and commercial music, as well as promoting the various features which Eagle3 predominately focused on and was passionate about.

I began writing for the Eagle3 website.


Freelance Producer & Studio Operator at Eagle Radio- UKRD (June 2016- April 2018)   


I have produced digital content for The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show using the CMS software and editing audio for promotional packages on Adobe Audition, as well as organizing show content. 

I was a regular and reliable tech operator and producer for live external broadcast shows around the Surrey and Hampshire Area, such as Love Tour.


Breakfast Presenter & Producer at Mi-Soul Radio- London (May 2016- May 2017)  

I was a presenter and producer for the Breakfast show on Mi-Soul Radio with George Kay.

I picked relevant topics to format into the content to appeal to our demographic and brand identity which provided interaction, as well as creating digital content for the show and managing our social media accounts.


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